Charity Tracker

Charity Tracker

United Way of the Golden Triangle Region, as well as other human services charities in our area, participate in Charity Tracker, a web-based program that keeps limited resources confined to the greatest need and eliminates duplication. If your church or organization runs a food pantry, helps people with utility bills, or donates clothes, then this program would be perfect for you to participate in. The annual fee is $100, and you are able to have multiple logins to manage the needs you fill.

What is Charity Tracker?

Charity Tracker is a web application for shared case management used to gather and report statistical data for resource development, strategic planning, measuring outcomes, reducing duplication, and disaster relief.


The story of why we made Charity Tracker:
When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005, our hometown of Florence, Alabama, became a refuge for hundreds of displaced families. The charitable agencies of that community rallied to meet the overwhelming need by providing vital support to families. In such a dark hour, the displaced families found some restoration, along with hope and encouragement. But, for the agencies providing support, something was missing.

Aside from the understanding that everyone was helping to improve the situation, there was little communication between agencies. Services were being duplicated, and the limited resources available were drying up. Thus, the question arose, “How can we work together more efficiently?”

CharityTracker was developed in response and is now used in 751 cities throughout the United States. Since 2007, CharityTracker has been used to track 6,541,289 assistance records totaling $183,325,591 of assistance dollars for 2,564,375 cases. Click here for a mini demo.


To get your organization enrolled in CharityTracker, please contact our office at (662) 370-1922.

Training Video:

Click the link for detailed instructions on how to use CharityTracker. Click here for the Practice Link.